Our first line of defense as a targeted individuals across the board worldwide, should be "Prayer".
We have been set up for failure. To fail as an experiment, program or even sinister game would be almost unimaginable.  If you want to take it one step further one could say that it is very unbelievable in most cases.
I would like to say shame shame shame on those who are in a position to assist help or end this program but are dragging their feet.  I want to also say an even bigger shame to all the many many people that keep this sick voyeuristic perverted evil narcissist program in place for many many years, and with great success.  We the people are not going to be your toy, your bitch or your nothing because you must let us go, you must find yourselves a hobby or learn to love yourself but you must, you must leave us all alone.  Really this time though.  You see many many time's before there have been very deplorable experiments, many.  But they just go on one after the other, year after year, only to make changes in their cute little names, each evil experiment is given.  What does that say about mental illness in the world today. It says that it is very very real and it is not limited to the poor or the random Joe.  Spiritual wickedness is in high places and that is the problem.  One must stop to think if one is permitted today to experiment on the innocent then it could lead to another surprise, slavery.
Slavery was most definitely a surprise in the lives of many many blacks that could not have been anticipated it at all. They were minding their business and someone said I want them, AND TOOK THEM. Today though we are seeing the handwriting on the wall; that it seems we are being programmed for mistreatment, punishment and even torture. How is that possible in a modern society that is civilized and intelligent.  I will tell you how in my podcast and on this blog just how I have repeatedly all my life been prepped for experimentation and torture, military style. They have been trying to make me expect to be mistreated disrespected gaslighted and violated.  There are people that are in the military government and auto industry that have a fixation on me and my life for evil though.  I would like to live like everyone else and just do me.  Maybe learn a new skill or hobby, just do me.
However as long as I have lived it seems that the big 3, being the Military,the Government and the Auto industry. (as I will refer to them now and forevermore*) have ALWAYS been in my life since my childhood, but have never left it though, unfortunately.  I know it sounds insane but it is true.  I am unique I know this too. There are a lot of unique people in the world, but one should not be able to just have us because they are powerful OR rich or connected or whatever.  What it is; is that one could say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the 1960's with racism on the rise like it was, kinda like hmmmmm; today.  I was of the darker persuasion, poor, and living in a housing projects with a single Mother since my Military Dad had just passed away, (and he was young).  I would have never thought of it as a wrong place simply because it was like the projects version of Michael Jacksons Neverland.  I mean it was the joint, it really was fun and exiting to say the least.  Swimming ice skating, recreation center, top hat burgers which were outstanding were a walking distance away, a uniformed police officer that walked the beat everyday was there, officer Otis made us always feel safe.
Well let's fast forward to today and the big 3, as I will now refer to them are still up to there old tricks, like the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, back in the day.  Fast forward to today and the Targeted Individual program has replaced and combined all past programs to be the Granddaddy of all experiments. They have been combined to do more harm as advances in technology has permitted.  If it were true that weapons were only developed for war, there is no way one ever needs to TEST them on innocent human beings. People that murder innocent people or molest children could be an option for experimentation. That is a very rational solution due to the fact that these people will always deserve punishment. Murderers and child molesters can be made into law, that from this time on they will be experimented on if they do their harm to others.
Well that's just my solution but all I know is everyone should come up with a solution as to how this program should or could be shut down, and when its finally deemed shut down (forreal though this time)we could see how it was shut down finally, and whoever had the suggestion of how it should have been addressed wins a big prize. Well I love all of you targeted individuals, veterans and seniors, please lets pray this thing away, to cease and desist, stand down and go away.  Hit the road jack, and don't come back no more! 

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