Punishment for speaking out

Well I have finally had enough, I am tired of being illegally experimented on and tortured while in my own home by my gangstalking neighbors, handler’s ,To make matter’s worst I have just been blessed with a journalist /writers /blogger platform. It has changed everything for me. Of course in a very positive manner. When a targeted individual tries to get from under the control, the experimentation, the torture or any hacking stalking or abuse from the handlers and gangstalkers, they go into attack mode. It is time for punishment / torture to be administered. This particular punishment/ torture is for having a podcast and a website. One is not allowed to try to act too normal, what is accepted and expected is for us to be not trying to start anything new. It makes me wonder if Gino and Jerome 2 boyfriends from my past that were killed were actually …

One thing I will say is my punishment is painful and includes like electronic components and throbbing and stinging and is on my back My right side is in pain, a sharp pain. I am so glad that this program is ending

These people would kill and not care, they would have no remorse . I pray that these people find something to fill their day. Maybe if they keep busy doing them then they would not be out here doing us.

YaYa 👩🏽‍🦱

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