Police and Guardian alarm 🎯👩🏽‍🦱

Well it looks like the word is finally getting out and people are beginning to hear about the government’s secret targeting of innocent individuals worldwide.

I am just getting started with a new platform that will enable me to be able to communicate this experience to you in real time as it unfolds.

My broadcast from Anchor by Spotify was hacked this morning by the government. They would prefer if I just stopped telling people about what they have done to me, my entire life and what they are doing to me TODAY.

I am an optimist, I would like to think that God Almighty has been in my life the entire time and has waited until the appropriate time for me to speak on it officially.

I had the police come to my home yesterday , on something that could have caused me my life. After disarming my Guardian alarm after a few minutes it began blaring and saying something, I can’t tell you what the words were because I panicked.

After disarming the alarm a second time, I realized that something didn’t feel right. I knew I had just disarmed my alarm so for it to start blaring this loud sound and saying something I was suspicious.

Low and behold, two police cars pulled up in front of my home. I immediately went to the door as they were getting out of their police cars, one male officer and one female officer each in their own police vehicle.

I said what’s going on? Why are you here? The male officer said that they received a hold up in progress situation, meaning someone was holding a gun on me and that (I) had put in my secret code to summon the police secretly, so the person or persons that were holding me at gunpoint would not be aware that in fact the police would be here any minute because I had in fact put in a certain code into the alarm, as the supposedly criminals were holding me at supposedly gun point.

Well first of all, if the so called criminals that were holding me at supposedly gun point, were here. And mind you this is supposed to be a police call that makes no sound to alert the person holding the gun on you that the police were on their way, it was supposed to be a SILENT ALARM.

So I just wanted to say I know 100% now that in fact that I could have been set up to be shot by the police yesterday.

With that said I now know that it begins now with me communicating in a new way. That is because the government has hacked my podcast at Anchor by Spotify as I just recorded the entire incident about the police incident and guardian alarm being suspect.

I will now for my safety be daily doing live podcast recording’s due to my verbal recording’s being hacked/erased.

So I guess everyone will now see me while hearing me. I will feel like I will be doing the reporting on things like the real news should have been doing a long time ago.

Who knows, maybe just maybe this thing would have never gotten this horrible if only the real news just would have reported the entire ends and outs about the secret experimentation, maybe thousands of innocent individuals worldwide would not secretly be living every day being experimented on and tortured in their homes.

Please help targeted individuals to be FREE 🆓, from this ungodly undertaking that is really happening to us every day of our lives, please 🙏🏾🆗👩🏽‍🦱💁.

YaYa 🆓🎯👩🏽‍🦱🙏🏾

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