Funny thing, we were all born on this planet we call earth. At different times under different circumstances, but nevertheless we are all here to do a certain task , assignment and/or job.

Contrary to popular belief there are those in positions of authority that feel that they have the unadulterated right to choose us to do with us what they will.

This usually includes experimentation and torture techniques performed secretly on one as they go about their daily lives, however unbeknownst to them.

However these evil practices have been identified and are under scrutiny as you read these most unsettling words. To think that one could be in the comfort of their own homes and be secretly and silently part of an experiment and/or torture program.

Well they have been many experimentation programs secretly performed by the government and they just keep coming. One after the other.

Only the names changing and the severity of the experimentation and torture becoming more lethal and detrimental to one’s health.

Speaking out saying that you do not consent being secretly experimented on or even worst being tortured is not an option that is respected , acknowledged or expected from the victims of this abuse.

There have been many victims who have taken their own lives as a way out of their nightmare life of experimentation and torture.

But that is not the way out. I am hoping and praying that everyone in this horrible program/ (targeted individuals worldwide ) will hold on and pray that we will all be free from this evil real soon; and in this beautiful new year of 2022.

Many can tell by now the length’s that these government ; mad narcissistic scientist are willing to go to keep this so called secret sick program a secret.

By the grace of God🙏🏾 this evil secret is finally been officially exposed. With the cooperation of some very decent people we are going to be heard. This evil secret government experiment should not be happening but it is.

With that said we must all stand up and speak out on the evils of secret experimentation and torture techniques being regularly performed on everyday citizens as we go about our lives, because someone saw us at the market , bank or service station and thought we would be a good candidate for their sick experiment and we are then unknowingly included in an evil narcissistic voyeuristic perverted program.

Just like that you can be chosen. There is no criteria to being selected. Some say you probably made the wrong person angry. Some say you had to be a whistleblower. Some say you had to be poor, fatherless and living in a housing projects, which is how I myself happened to be selected for this narcissistic voyeuristic perverted program.

At the end of the day, this yet another secret government program has been bought to the light. Targeting of innocent individuals worldwide for the sake of slowly and secretly trying to bring slavery back into existence once again, but this time in a way it cannot be abolished.

How can you abolish slavery, if the position is to pretend it is not taking place. To say targeted individuals are not practice slaves is an understatement. All those that think it is happening, can be discredited easily because it seems too far fetched to believe that slavery could exist openly in now in 2022.

Let’s do what intelligent adults do in 2022. Let’s begin this year with respect for our fellow man. Let’s stop secretly taking liberties to invade others lives because of :

Abuse of power



Spiritual wickedness in high places


Mental illness

Get help for your mind in 2022, do not continue to feel you have the right to secretly experiment on innocent individuals and torture us for your sick pleasure’s. Any and all who are guilty of these crimes I pray God Almighty will stop you completely and forevermore.

Only because this is something that has been happening ever since slavery was abolished and seems to be connected with the very idea of some payback for slavery being abolished. Like this is a way it can happen but not be able to be abolished, because one is refusing to acknowledge it is happening.

Let’s not wait for the slave ships to pull up and begin loading everyone aboard as we are all in disbelief crying out , but it will be too late. Let us address this evil experiment /torture and end it once and for all this time, not just change the name of the experimentation and torture and continue as business as usual as has been done for many many years.

Targeted individuals we must pray because someone has chosen us as slaves and they are not going to set us free, just like in 1865, they were not willing to set slaves free without a fight.

So yes we must fight once again, but instead of fighting in 1865, we find ourselves in the same fight for out very freedom but in 2022 this time.

We just want to be free, but this time forreal and for good, government.

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