Adventures in Gangstalking πŸ†“πŸŽ―πŸ˜Ž

The β€œ Gangstalked Go To”. Transparently truth filled blog providing informative research on the organized RICO crime involving the manufacturing of terrorists and the β€œ covert protocols β€œ of post 9/11 domestic espionage. A philanthropic and comedic approach to the phenomenon bearded as β€œ Gangstalking β€œ by it’s conspirators and perpetrators. A blog that will lift the veil of this bizarre reinvention of the FBI’s COINTELPRO crime model. This blog stands to serve both the organized federal crime participants, and the organized crime victims. β€œ Surveillance & Secrurity Role Players” are all welcome. The unconfidential β€œ confidential informants” are welcome too, as they are as much the victims as the RICO crime victims themselves. Corrupt federal & state fraternal employees, militia, military, mall cops, security guards & private investigators are welcome to seek earnest insight or honest accountability. I will be your host and your β€œ TI” so buy a ticket , and ride the ride into Adventures in Gangstalking.

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