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Government funding for the secret targeting of innocent individuals SHOULD BE ENDED/ DISCONTINUED IMMEDIATELY /COMPLETELY, FOREVERMORE. It is astronomical to say the least. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

To whom it may concern: we are being played by a group of government officials that are behind all of the most unbelievable, inhumane ,voyeuristic ,narcissistic perverted secret experimentation/ torture programs this world has ever seen and God willing will never see again.

The reason why this program has not been exposed even after several suicides; even after we have seen time and time again countless individuals appearing be mind controlled to commit senseless shootings and unthinkable crimes.The reason is that the very people that are doing all of these horrible narcissistic voyeuristic perverted evil things to us are actually in a position to pay themselves and furthermore find loopholes to secretly continue with their evil program year after year.

Being sure to add into the budget enough money for themselves to enjoy a great lucrative luxurious life with money from the government, which is them, even if they have been retired long ago. They have been reactivated back into service under the guise of assisting in a horrible evil narcissistic voyeuristic perverted program.This must stop completely and right away. There is no way millions of innocent individuals are going to violated due to the government secretly being a perverted narcissistic voyeuristic platform. It is not allowed. Perversion will never be acceptable in this world. It is NOT the norm. We will not accept your perversion, your voyeuristic as something acceptable. Just because you are the government you do not have the right to turn into an evil scientist and go mad right before our eyes and expect all of us to see this as normal and acceptable. It is not nor will it ever be normal to be a perverted narcissistic voyeuristic person and force this filth and insanity on others by the newest name you have so stupidity come up with β€œtargeted individuals β€œ.

We don’t want this sick unacceptable evil in our lives in 2022. We cannot believe that you actually want us to.(secretly).

If you can create an evil narcissistic voyeuristic perverted mentally deranged plan, then work in the government and actually Heavily compensate yourself; even employ many many others to do the same, just be ready to violate and harm others secretly, and compensate them as well. Then this sick scenario could go on forever if not ended properly and intelligently.

As I mentioned earlier these unbelievable happenings are very bizarre for the individuals that are committing them. Mind control is suggested.

These individuals who have been accused of most of the out of character crimes are out of character for each individual. However not out of character for our over the top experimentation minded government playing God ; looking for perverted narcissistic voyeuristic thrills.

We the people are their chess pieces. We have been selected as their sadistic masochist game piece.

No one in their right mind would ever consent to such perverted inhumane voyeuristic narcissistic treatment.

If this program is not bought to an immediate End right away in 2022, then it must only mean that the coming of the lord must be upon us.

I have faith and hope that this evil will not continue. There is NO intelligent reason why innocent individuals should have to be subjected to such filth. Such inhumane daily punishment and torture techniques for the sake of science or homosexuals in government that have gone mad and abuse their powers.

Spiritual wickedness in high places is what is happening here. This can be rectified easily by ending this astronomical insanely large budget and stop returning that you are not just a little secretly enjoying watching others be harmed for your perverted enjoyment.

Let us begin this year 2022 with respect and intelligence that we should have as adults and human beings.

To all those who have benefited financially from this evil narcissistic voyeuristic perverted secret government program, shame on you for your narcissistic input into this most evil program. May it end without a hitch in 2022, ordained by God Almighty our lord; in Jesus name.


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