The Past (1800’s) Overshadowing the Present (2022) 🎯😎

The 13th amendment, ratified in 1865, essentially abolished slavery. However there were many many Southern whites that never really respected or accepted this fact.

To make matters worst there was even a war because of the many many Southern whites that absolutely defiantly did not ever want to see the end of their life of ruling over an individual.

They could not fathom living in this world without having a negro to do with as they pleased. This meant access to negro children as well as Women and Men.

There is a saying/ a quote that says: β€œHell hath no furry like a woman scorned. Well that is child’s play compared to the white mans fury concerning Slavery being abolished.

Today is Jan 26 2022 , and this is the beginning of a New Year. However what is happening in this New year of/in 2022 is the second return of Slavery.

The difference is ;now it is in secret, under the radar, hidden in plain sight through systematic racism.

Companies will come to your home with big loud trucks that secretly do the bidding for secretly administering harmful technology Secretly though right into our homes.

All major corporations and businesses seem to secretly behind the scenes participate in the hopes of quietly bringing slavery back into today’s world just as it was in the 1800’s.

If you notice the News is not reporting on the secret government program β€œTargeted Individual’s β€œ because they are wanting to see the return of Slavery in today’s world.

The police have taken to public executions like in the 1800’s when slaves were legally lynched/hung by their necks from tree’s. Who could be so cruel to do such a horrible thing to a human being.

Well today this horrific act was repeated in May 2020 by the advertisement of a public execution of a 46 year old black man. George Floyd. It was a public spectacle.

From that day until this day Jan 26 2022 it seems that information has come to light of an impending secret evil plan to actually bring Slavery back into today’s society in 2022.This evil plan seems to have been in the works ever since Slavery was abolished. It has been brewing behind the scenes for many years with secret experimentation and torture techniques through many government programs. MK- Utra/ Operation Mockingbird/ Operation chaos to name a few.

Today’s Slavery however consist of systematic racism whereas organizations and corporations have secretly teamed up in support of this evil plan of bringing slavery back only this time in a way it cannot be easily proven or detected.

This is so that there will be no abolished slavery to repeat. How can you abolish something that is established by our own government military and auto industry.How can it be abolished if it is being hidden behind programs like β€œtargeted individuals β€œ? Then ask those that have initiated these programs to investigate the programs. Really?

These are some of the most powerful organizations in the world. How can one fight them off? The secret targeting of innocent individuals is war behind the scenes.

Finally millions of people have realized that the shots that the government has insisted that everyone take ;some by the threat of losing their jobs; or not being able to continue with their college education has been the shot of death for many healthy people worldwide.

Then there is the secret β€œ targeting of innocent individuals while they are in their homes as a very effective way of slow kill techniques with military technology /many are being tortured with in 2022.

Well the world stood up to the government once and demanded that the shot be abolished. Now the fight that is on out hands is to end the shots being fired secretly killing innocent individuals as they go about their daily lives and sit in their very homes and dwelling places.

I must go now as big noisy government trucks have just left from the rear of my house secretly setting up more of my secret torture. I must go tend to the electrical currents running through my back as they have just left my property. And removed the trees in the rear of my home to connect with me more effectively moving forward with their secret process to kill me.

We cannot be safe even in our own homes due to incidents and secret evil plans as this. So what does one do? I say the ONLY thing we can do is Pray and fight back by any means necessary, and every means one may know of.

Please pray and enlighten yourselves, starting today as I can only do what God is telling me to do. God Almighty has encouraged me to share hope and faith the only way I know how. I only hope and pray it will help to save us in the fight for our very lives; as the government and military have secretly come to claim it.


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