Justice for All Citizens

Connie Marshall is Founder of Justice for All Citizens. She is also a Mayoral Candidate in Louisville, Kentucky. Though Connie has Never committed any crimes and went to the authorities for assistance, she is a nine (9) year DEW (Directed Energy Weapon), electromagnetic assault and gang stalking victim of corrupt officials in Louisville, Kentucky. Ms. Marshalls grandchildren were illegally taken by the state and abused in foster care, and illegally placed for adoption for federal funding and she has been fighting eleven years for justice. Ms. Marshalls grandchildren were beaten and made to go without food in foster care. Ms. Marshall is also a victim of a hate crimes in Louisville, Kentucky which was covered-up. Ms. Marshall and several others filed a class action lawsuit regarding the federal courts illegal handling of our cases, in which defendants are not allowed to be served, pro se and forma pauperis plaintiffs are not allowed to go forward and there is no discovery. Ms. Marshall needs a contingency or pro bono attorney, lawyer, law firm or a sponsor.
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