Astronomical Gangstalking Budget

Astronomical Gangstalking Budget

As I observe one neighbor pulling out of their driveway and the neighbor right next door pulling up, I ask myself how is it possible to justify such an astronomical budget to arrange and keep this unhealthy surveillance of not just my life but millions of innocent individuals lives that are “Targeted as I am and have been for 60+ years.

It seems that the end game plan of bringing “SLAVERY “ back secretly and inhumanely in 2022 is very very very very costly to say the least. I have been observing the energy and attitude of those many many many many people that daily are appointed to just “ONE “ targeted individual.

They feel privileged and important, they feel as their ancestors felt, they would rather have a civil war than give up “SLAVERY “. Why you say are they so hell bent on the return to Slavery that they are saying we don’t know what anyone is talking about “Targeted Individuals “ what is that?

I will tell you, they are the scum of the earth and do not want to live “that” life out when they could with all of their connections and status ,pit innocent people as the scum bags and have fun treating them really really inhumane.

Why not make money off of their lives like Slavery allowed the world to do in the past. I must say that when they were experimenting with mind control I could not understand why they would be “that” interested in mind control. They said for purposes of war. We just did not anticipate the war would be ON US.

They have secretly and silently declared open war on its own citizens. They want to violate rape intimidate , abuse while watching filming following , while experimentation and torture techniques are secretly being administered.

Sounds like there is an ASTRONOMICAL BUDGET that “is” allowing all of this to take place. When News media, law enforcement, politicians, government, military and civil rights organizations are all on one accord for “WRONG “ then it is just time for the people to come forth with God Almighty and everything right moral and positive to stand up and fight the wrongs.

They have been doing all of the voyeuristic narcissistic racist evil perversion secretly with the blue print coming from the cia’s own operation Midnight Climax where they secretly filmed gentleman with prostitutes having sexual relations.

They do exactly this to us innocent individuals TODAY. They experiment , torture, sabotage, harass, violate, trespass and intercept any mail appointments and other crimes against humanity to our lives.

They are criminals and many have regular jobs as many are retired and available 24/7 to be on call to harm innocent people all from a bottomless Astronomical budget with no limits.

This budget is renewed yearly under the guise of helping national security and securing our citizens from foreign attacks or nuclear wars upon the United States. The budget should NOT be approved ever again. It is not intended to harm which is what it secretly is doing.

This is the only right time do ; is to finally cut this budget off and watch all of the scum of the earth and misfits of society to crawl back into their holes/ homes and stay away from people as they are not fit to be mentally healthy and interact in a normal decent manner in the world.

Yes we could let this go on; but not if we want to respect ourselves and others as God has intended for us to do. Slavery was abolished in 1865 but it seems many are secretly working tirelessly behind the scenes trying to keep slavery alive.

Let’s all stand up together as a United Front. Let us ban together; all ages ,nationalities, cultures and races and make a big fist and one punch their evil plan for secretly bringing slavery back to its full glory but 100 times worst.

Let’s be beautiful again. Let’s not let the arrival of the new year of 2022 be met with racism, voyeuristic narcissistic perverted sexual deviant behavior for the norm. We are better than that. We are the grownups that God is counting on. We can do this. This is our fight no matter if we feel like fighting or not. We must fight back guys. I love us. Love yourselves and Love us all if you can. I hope you can.

Peace love Respect & Freedom


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