Slavery 1822 ๐Ÿค”vs๐Ÿคซ Slavery 2022

I am sure everyone remembers the horrible narcissistic Slavery of yesteryear where it was not only legal but 100% acceptable for people to be the chosen as slaves and taken against their will into a life that would be dedicated to serving another person.

This life was one in which many did not survive as lynchings were performed daily without regard for the individuals being lynched. Since no crimeโ€™s were committed only racist jealousy, evil narcissistic plans for harm being openly carried out; as entertainment for sadistic sociopaths and psychopaths of that era.

Very sad how those days went on for so long being that they were inhumane, ungodly, and unconstitutional. They were able to stand the test of time because most people enjoyed having someone to look down on. Someone to abuse with beatings , raping, torturing, experimenting on, and killing whenever they felt like killing their slaves.

There was a war that was fought only because the government military and all citizens of the time applauded Slavery. They would rather fight for the right to enslave innocent people. They did not want a world where Slavery was absent.

As time went on this war that was fought for the right to own Slaves openly was lost, furthermore Slavery was finally abolished , done and over with to many evil white racist southerners disapproval.

With that said they were not happy and were secretly brainstorming to figure out what was going to be their next plan since they were not going to accept Slavery to be over with in their lives. They would rather be dead than live a life without someone to disrespect ,mistreat , look down on, sabotage, rape, beat, ridicule, work almost to death, intimidate and kill when they felt like doing so.

Today we have cameras and listening devices being installed in our homes illegally while home invasions are performed and assisted by Guardian alarm ,ADT ,Verizon, DTE, cell towers and criminal neighbors who have been contracted to be eyes and ears to further be on hand with any and all information to help violate through the voyeuristic cops program; formed by Bill Clinton, the man who got a blow job in the White House while being President and lied about it.

Today I finally understand why the Government, CIA, FBI and all other organizations that should be keeping individuals safe are saying they do not understand what is happening in this world today with all of the complaints about microwave weapons, perverts following innocent people openly without any problems from law enforcement and more unmentionable crimes being committed.

Well I know like most of society knows by now that these narcissistic racist voyeuristic evil southerners have been planning their version of Slavery that could be executed under the radar.

They are doing unbelievable inhumane torture and experimentation while using all of the Government, Military, Auto industry and other organizations powers that be to orchestrate their new world order.

If you compare yesteryears Slavery with the Slavery that is openly taking place today in 2022 you will find many similarities. They are not going to be acknowledged due to the fact that they have an agenda. This agenda is to ignore the fact that Slavery is attempting to show its ugly head, it also goes to show anyone and everyone that some people are serious about having someone to violate in 2022 just like their ancestors had.

They may call it โ€œ new world order โ€œ when it is an old world order called โ€œSlavery โ€œ. It is what has been their plan for a very long time. I feel like โ€œbuild back better โ€œ is also a secret plan of secretly allowing inhumane voyeuristic narcissistic racist evil people to be set loose on society which has been the plan for a very long time.

Today in 2022 we have neighbors who have been told to secretly take part in helping to make America great again when it was never great; coming from a past that openly fought for the right to own Slaves.

There is no way that Slavery will be revisited, there is no way people will allow perverted people to be in their face with perversion and pretend it is the norm. There is no way voyeuristic people will be allowed to keep a 24/7 eye on innocent unsuspecting parents and children as they keep coming up missing mysteriously;

All the while society says: itโ€™s okay to watch innocent people 24/7 while experimenting on them, torturing them, doing home invasions ,disrespecting them, sabotaging them, violating them like all is well.

I know God has no intention of allowing voyeuristic narcissistic racist evil mentally ill sexual deviant people to be in control of his world. I have faith in God. I have hope that the entire Angelic realm will be activated and called upon to handle everything at the appropriate time.

Arch Angel St Michael, Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar command, Guardian Angels, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Quan Yin, and many many other Angelic beings.

There is no place for Slavery in 2022 and beyond. Call it whatever fancy names you come up with, it doesnโ€™t matter, there will never be a Slavery 2 in the world. I do believe that it was already voted on.

So Keep your heads up as your prayers are constantly going up to God Almighty. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

This too soon shall pass. Slavery was abolished in 1865. To all those southerners and people that feel the need to have someone to violate, rape, disrespect, sabotage, humiliate, gaslight,torture,beat, experiment on and do horrible things to, know that you are the problem.

You are out of touch, you are now obsolete and not relevant as you go about your life choosing who you want to deem as unnecessary and unimportant. You are all the ones who are not fit for intelligent life. You have become secretly perverted narcissistic voyeuristic and low life.

We all see you with your evil narcissistic voyeuristic lifestyle. We also understand that anyone who participates in any way is lower than life. We all understand that some people have lost their way and are looking for any way to fit in. Some feel like if they take part in the evil they will be sparred.

God will not spare you. He has the last word. Know that there is a thing called Karma. It is a real situation that will take precedence at the end of all of our lives. We have only to answer to God.

Thank God Almighty.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

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