Life as a “real” grownup

I am presently having the distinct,first hand, pleasure and experience of being an adult. I am a grownup top to bottom. Inside and out. Everyday in every way.

It seems in today’s world there are a lot of people who fit the age criteria for being grown; however they fall short of living up to the task of being a “real” grownup.

If you find yourself over the age of 50 and you are involved in underhanded unethical inhumane treatment towards others then you have missed the mark.

You are not living “your “ life path that you were born to experience. Instead you are living someone else’s life. You are lost and on the wrong path. You have become obsessed with others while losing yourself more every day.

If they persist then they will have wasted their time on earth living someone else’s life. When judgement day is finally upon us and we will be ready to accept the next phase of our existence which will be our everlasting eternity.

They will be in shock realizing that they have been tricked into securing a place that will be far worst than all the “secret” harm. evil and destruction they have always imposed onto so many others while they were on the planet earth.

Like I said before, we all will answer to God in the end. Judgment day is not going to be a game. I will always love the lord with my whole heart and try to help his cause.

The lord is my Refuge 👩🏽‍🦱🙏🏾💋👁👁

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