🏠Chilling with the Angels👩🏽‍🦱

🏠Chilling with the Angels👩🏽‍🦱

In today’s world as adults, grownups seniors and especially us baby boomers there is much attention from neighbors, suspect strangers, gangstalkers, handlers and unbelievably many others; all with one thing in their minds.

This one thing that mysteriously is in their minds and “always “ on their minds is us. There used to be a time when it was highly frowned upon to have spy like, stalking behavior towards another, especially your neighbors.

As we “all” age we will find that there will be those that pay extra special top secret classified perverted attention to certain neighbors that they would like to have control of in any way possible.

This has now become an addiction ,like narcissistic and voyeuristic individuals are engaging in on a daily basis.

Forget about having privacy or even small conveniences as simple as one’s personal internet not being uninterrupted by these small minded, jealous, insecure lost souls of today’s world. Forget about having a personal website, they will regularly adjust things. They are gangstalkers handlers and the bottom feeders of our society.

They will “always “ have the need to follow our lives, not just through technology surveillance but also physical surveillance and by every means possible. They also feel strength in numbers as they travel in packs; like their name signifies “gangstalkers “.

It is on a level that should only be afforded the President of the United States, eyes and ears, because he is known as the most important individual worldwide.

This should not be afforded on every day citizens. This is a very very costly undertaking that some narcissistic voyeuristic individuals have grouped up and have incorporated into sick inhumane evil jealous programs.

Who would or could fathom that such an atrocity could ever occur or be actually any part of a so called intelligent advanced society.

Well as I always say, this too soon shall pass; always be prayerful and don’t forget the fact that : To God Almighty be the glory.

👩🏽‍🦱The Lord is truly our Refuge. 🙏🏾

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