The suspected Feds command center watching and listening in view of my crib.πŸ πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ―πŸ€‘πŸ’°

I can see this setup from my home as it is at the corner, while my house is the first house you will see when turning the corner. I understand that in this program the feds, cia, hollywood, military, auto industry, government, kkk; and even more ; are all involved being creeps , stalking like they have lost all sense of reality, but want us to play along with this sinister game.

I feel this trailer is housed with three shifts of feds and cia ,and is a command center to provide surveillance for my life 24/7. This offends me, no matter what anyone thinks, I am offended, forreal forreal.

I have suspected the handlers are right across the street from me. Where they are in charge of operating the shade signals, shade down, shade halfway down and so forth. When we lived in the Parkside housing projects on Detroit’s East side there was an old white man named Mr. Phillips that lived directly across the street from us.

This man sat in his upstairs bedroom window watching into our crib all day with no shame; and looked right into our house every single day. I know this now that we were under 24/7 surveillance ; the same way that I am under 24/7 surveillance presently.

On this website of mine “Out and About with YaYa & Gangstalking” you can get a look at Mr. Phillips on the “About Me” page. There are two very older white men standing, chatting outside of Mr. Phillips crib; the one of these men that is Mr. Phillips is facing forward.

They are standing there, and right across the street you will see my Brother Donald, who they call “Duck” as he plays amazing guitar, both lead and bass. He is standing there talking to his tall friend Anthony Jones while the two old white men are in the background talking and low key watching and listening.

No one would ever give this photo a second look; since nothing stands out as odd or out of the ordinary. However now knowing what I know, these two older men are acting like today’s gangstalkers.

I bet that there were many old men that were on “watch people” duty back then. We never gave these men a second look because we lived side by side with white families and never thought nothing of it.

Fast forward to today I do realize that these neighborsof mine that are across the street from me, that call themselves our handlers may very well be Mr. Phillips Son and their family. During Slavery families were passed down from generation to generation keeping the same family of slaves in their lives forever.

My next door neighbor is the lady that was our babysitter who has three sons. She would always bring them over with her when she came to babysit us. She has never said to me hey aren’t you Yvette from Parkside that I used to babysit.

Since she has never said this, I now realize why. It can only be because she was gangstalking our family while babysitting us, and even doing it today. This hurts me at the same time makes me a little taken aback, only because our family absolutely adored her and her three sons.

So now fast forward to today she was probably keeping us under surveillance because gangstalking was not introduced back then. Although,there were plenty of secret government programs going on; of course in secret.

Well with the feds, the babysitter and all of the gangstalking neighbors, I guess one could say they are very interested in my family and myself as well. I know now this home was specifically hand picked to be in my search feed because of who was already here waiting.

I do not mind any of the layout and setup. I must say to have that evil of a plan for someone’s life is hard to perceive. I know now that I cannot allow these people in my home or in my life as they are voyeuristic and appear to be involved in pedophilia secretly. As a U.S Soldier and also have worked at Technicolor where one is under surveillance the entire shift to prevent theft, as they pack new cd’s and many people have attempted theft there I know what it feels like to be under surveillance.

I stand firm saying that we must PRAY πŸ™πŸΎ this wrong, right! because it is very wrong. Can you imagine the feds keeping a 24/7 eyes and ears watch into your life. I cannot because I am a law abiding citizen, not a criminal or fugitive.

I trust God for his always having perfect timing in all matters. If people get the nerve to blatantly post themselves and their criminal empire in our faces, we need to watch them closely. They have become more and more cocky.

I will end by saying take a look at my podcast on this website where I have placed a podcast player for easy access on my β€œAbout Me” page as well as my β€œTargeted Individual’s” page.

As always I want to encourage everyone to please be very prayerful, everyday though. This too soon shall pass. To God Almighty be the glory.



YaYa πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ¦±

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