Extra precautions due to fbi,military, government,cia, auto companies & hollywood stalking innocent individuals worldwide and doing home invasions even though our home is armed with a professional security system

I am not a push over, I am a God fearing decent lady of a certain age that just is not having it.

Guardian alarm company had some kind of way to make my alarm arm itself and began blaring. Just a little while ago, I actually heard my new alarm make a quick alarm sound.

I could care less if they are going to do that again today when I leave or when I return, For the record I don’t play any games and guess what? No one can make me play β€œANY β€œ games with my life or in my life.

Also in closing I do not care if you can picture me being a slave but I will not repeat the life my ancestors were forced to endure.

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, act like it already. To God be the glory. This too soon shall pass.


UPON ARRIVING HOME I NOTICED MANY PUNISHMENTS IN PLACE: My Vpn /My monitors changed to look like the guardian monitor view instead of the clear view I had the first night. They are always trying to disrespect someone.

No, No, NO, NO, NO disrespect here thanks anyway.

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