Could this be low key secret surveillance at the other end of my block?馃槑馃幆馃懇馃徑鈥嶐煢别煓岎煆金煈侌煈侌煈

I am currently in 2022 enrolled in a classified top secret government program ( without my consent) that has initiated me to be an experiment/ torture test subject for my entire life.

This illegal program started for me in the Parkside housing projects during the 1950鈥檚 . There was a lot of secret mind control and experimentation with various weapons of mass destruction and torture programs taking place within the government.

Through extensive research and investigation work I have learned that I was selected by Selfridge Airforce Base, the government and the auto industry.

They can and do select who they desire and want for their inhumane, narcissistic even sometimes racist secret government programs.

They will always conveniently label said programs 鈥渃lassified top secret 鈥 whereas this just means anything goes and they don鈥檛 have to answer to anyone going forward.

Today the government has chosen so many people and is daily secretly adding more innocent people at an alarming rate.

They set up surveillance trailers near where an individual resides or works that they choose to surveil/spy on.

Today perversion is the motivation behind most all illegal surveillance. There are daily home invasions that take place with high tech disarming tools that are no match for security systems.

They employ individuals that help create security systems, locksmiths, even law enforcement that double as friends and relatives.

I have one trailer on one end of my block very close to my crib. Now I am wondering if this is in fact another or just an innocent trailer that has no interest in monitoring me from a different direction.

I have noticed that I have been watched closely by this end of my street. Lights always on and at the ready when I exit my house as if told 鈥渟he is coming out, now! drive by.

Well only time will tell if in fact this is more illegal surveillance, like the feds trailer that is right near my home at the other end of the block.

I laugh at people who feel they should have access into our lives, however low key and with different techniques used.

I am watched very closely by those from the other end of my block where this red truck that dropped the trailer off live.

I will always pay extra attention to anyone paying too much attention to my life. I am old school and will always be. We respect others privacy. The fact that the government has turned perverted does not change how I will think.

I will never accept as the norm people that hide in society with voyeuristic, narcissistic perverted, racist, evil intentions for others .I will assist God with helping keep his world as beautiful and special as he wants it to be.

So with that said. I will have all eyes on those who illegally and without my consent have many many military,auto industry, government eyes on me. You don鈥檛 get to have me just because you were told at my birth I was yours for experimentation and torture.

******This too soon shall pass******


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