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Hi I’m Mike I work in defense. I have some ground breaking news for all TIs the social media network is a privite facebook circle by invite only called facebookgangsters. This has been running for 10 years now. Created by Jeff Guesman of Chesterfield MI age 50. This group got tied into Blackcube through some members in Hollywood. Blackcube operates out of Intel building and factories world wide who product the Smart dust chip. 46 different all have TI hot spots near intel buildings. This is Jewish terrorism and they have attacked 11 countries all at once. They have attacked Christians, Catholics, muslims, Buddhists, Taoism everyone besides Jewish. Now having 100 million victims 10 time more victims from the Holocaust. The cyber weapon are produced in Israel and are been sold to Jewish owned privite security companies like Security Industry Specialist in Culver city CA and San Jose CA near San Francisco. The tech people are in on it along with washed up celebrities. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos have made huge steps to torture and are all Jewish if you look into their real mothers religion not adopted like Bezos. This is very sad. I have names and addresses of about 350 perps and what they are doing is just adding members to protect themselves and get the new members trapped with the torture charges. Each day we can add new charges RICO personal espionage, RICO Torture, RICO impairing religious beliefs for broadcasting prayers this is terrorism. Please send me an email for more info and proof. I have them trapped in their homes we are trying to turn off their power under Patriot act then charge to stop the torture. Its beening ran off of their computers each TI will have a separate laptop. Bobmicheal272@gmail.com


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MK Ultra Program

Why is the US government targeting individuals for torture by ruining their lives?

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Secretly child sex trafficking is the heartbeat of the infamous “Illegally Targeted Individuals” program. Just think about it for an intelligent, real grown up minute. Years ago the Fed’s were investigating a kiddie porn website. It seems they busted all of those perpetrator’s behind this kiddie porn website.

This was an organization ran by sex offenders,Voyeurs, Pedophiles, sadist, devil worshippers and low life scum bags of our world. The thing is that; they never did shut this illegal perverted organization down. They busted these perverts only to secretly take over their kiddie porn website.

I know wtf?

Now we now also know that they are known for being 100% behind orchestrating home invasions. This can only mean that they now have access to watch my/your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews included 24/7; as well as have access to mind control techniques that are woven into their many networking platforms they are secretly connected to. 

Sadism is only the tip of the iceberg. These are individuals we have now found out through research and investigation that are referred to as “INCEL’S”. Believe me it all makes sense now.

Do Please Google “Incel’s” . We must begin to learn who we are dealing with.

These are individuals by now that are a billion strong, that never felt that they fit in where most of us have always fit in without even trying to throughout life. These individuals have taken many many years to locate and connect with fellow “INCEL’S” via the internet. 

But not just over the internet, now they are neighborhood wide through the illegal neighborhood watch programs. These programs are the one’s responsible for gangstalking , experimentation, torture, road rage, sex trafficking and more. They are given these highly illegal advanced tools by our own military to use on unsuspecting innocent individuals. They easily became city wide, until after many years of being city wide they have now become “WORLDWIDE”!

This is a worldwide operation that must be stopped , God willing ;immediately in 2022; due to the fact that all of our children, Grandchildren and even Great Grand children that one may have in their lives are in very serious trouble. They are in a position to be snatched up and put into sex trafficking or even sacrificed for their devil worshipping, evil ,narcissistic, voyager, targeted individual , illegal secret program at any time.

They are being watched 24/7, listened to and sometimes responded to via fake accounts on the internet. This would make it very easy to catch any child off guard and have them to trust a stranger due to the stranger knowing personal circumstances about the child’s personal life due to the 24/7 secret surveillance most children and families are under today; yet secretly.

These individuals are not only behind child sex trafficking, they are behind road rage, inciting riots, fueling racism; in hopes of bringing slavery back one day (SOON). They have Voyeurism as their brain. I already told you that child sex trafficking is their heartbeat. This is now being exposed by many reputable and credible individuals worldwide like Edward Snowden and many many more even myself as my being in this evil program as a child and even still in this evil program this very day.

I was added in the 1950’s from Parkside housing projects and have had to do much research and investigation to understand what is taking place in “MY”life however secretly. I did not want to accept at first that such an undertaking could be possible. I would have preferred to render myself as going nuts for even thinking such a thing.I am just fine as I have accepted the truth and “The Truth Will Set Us Free”, God willing.******

Severe mental illness worn by narcissistic individuals as a coat are the body of this illegal secret Government program/organization/involuntary Squid game. They are able to walk and follow innocent people 24/7 in broad daylight and all night long as well; as they are a 24/7 operation with three shifts. This is due to the many organizations involved and the abuse of power secretly allowed, permitted and even encouraged by our own government.

This fact is due to the secret infiltration of several thousand homosexuals that infiltrated the military, the government and the auto industries in the early 1900’s. This was a time when being homosexual was considered negative and was even frowned upon. This is one secret of the program that many are even mind controlled to be homosexual if they are not already.

So you see many in this organization are from a period of hurt and pain; not fitting in. One group that make up this evil program are the ” just plain old nerds”, hence the computer/internet level of knowledge. They write code like nobody’s business as they are sought out by …(you know who).

They have been creating havoc secretly via their positions. bullying/road rage/racial division plans/targeting individual’s with weapons of war/ position of power abuses, secret mind control operations, child sex trafficking, illegal surveillance of innocent individuals worldwide, inciting riots and much more.

Although; Finally it seems that many many many people are speaking out against these people and their evil,narcissistic, voyeurism fueled sick crimes. They are the hurt people from the 1900’s fueled with hate from not being accepted as being gay, before being gay was acceptable and accepted from society. They are the Incel’s of society that are also fueled with even more hatred.

Hurt people Hurt people. Let us weed them out and get them exposed and stopped. But this time for good. What they have done since the early 1900’s is change names of their evil secret Government experiments and torture programs and never really end any of them. 

Even though they had promised to end and even have Ex-President Bill Clinton give many fake apologies that were televised for the world to see and believe. They were just added to new and worst programs as more harmful technology and mind control devices became available. Hopefully with the help of everyone this too soon shall pass. May God Almighty protect us and keep us in these trying times. To God be the Glory. Holiness to the Lord.



U.K. billboard located at marker post 94.1 km along the London Orbital Motorway (i.e., the M25 outer loop) slightly ahead of the M4 and the exit for Terminals 1, 2, and 3 of Heathrow Airport.



The Infamous Parkside housing Projects/ Detroit Michigan where all of this started for me.

Who knew that it would lead to this being necessary one day

******AND THIS******

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Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mike Holley


Is gang stalking demonic?

Yes, it is absolutely demonic. There are forces at work in this world that we haven’t begun to understand. The gangstalkers themselves are compelled to act by forces they can’t see or touch. Many of them think they’re acting out for one reason or other, and many of them surely believe they’re in the know, but there are levels of control that ascend above what we see as the apex of our society. Many of the elite are being compelled to act very much against their own interests, such as the NFL alienating huge swaths of their fans and losing billions in service of an agenda most of the elderly white men who own the league don’t support in the least. What could compel these powerful men to give up so much of their hard-earned wealth? What could compel governments who normally spurn one another to act in concert around the world? There are forces at work here which we haven’t begun to comprehend.

With gangstalking in specific, many of the stalkers will demonstrate their demonic nature quite openly. Gangstalkers often employ prop pets that are clearly abused by the stalkers. I have seen the signs of abuse for myself on a number of occasions. And many gangstalkers are themselves victims of torture. I’ve seen stalkers who were moved into my neighborhood hauled away by paramedics multiple times. The stalker who lives two doors down looks like some sort of circus sideshow freak. She’s got this bizarre baldness that makes it look like she’s had her hair pulled out with tweezers. She and her husband hardly leave the house because they both look abnormal. It’s very clear that they are victims themselves and are being used in service of this agenda. They are not well in any sense—mentally, spiritually, or physically.

So, in summation, yes, there are dark forces at work here that I would label demonic. If you asked most stalkers, they would probably laugh and deny that is the case, but that’s only because most stalkers are borderline mentally retarded. Bright people, those with any sort of talent in life, don’t accept money to stalk people. They do something productive with their lives. But you will notice that most of these people have obvious mental disabilities that render them prime candidates to be used. The mentally handicapped, the morally bankrupt, those who are lost…this is the pool of human frailty from which they draw their stalker drones.




Prayer for safety & protection

(a prayer blessing suitable to give to a friend or loved one)

May the three enfold you Father, Son and Holy Spirit Hold you safe and hold you strong

May the three encompass you Father, Son and Holy Spirit Encircle your life each day and night

May the three protect you Father, Son and Holy Spirit Guard your door and keep each gate

May the three watch over you Father, Son and Holy Spirit Still your heart and calm all fear.

boundaries, respect yourself
Treat yourself better by not allowing others to abuse you, because how you treat yourself shows in how you allow others to treat you. Remember that you deserve better and you don’t have to put up with abuse from anyone.

******Powerful prayer against your enemies******

In the mighty name of Jesus I overthrow all transaction contrary to my breakthrough, every power jamming answers to my prayers disappear, by the blood of Jesus I shake down the seat of darkness in my heavens, I reject the power of satanic human government over my finances IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

Those that have used the power of leaves and dust against me, I decree a halt of your government over my life, I turn the table against every sorcerer in the place of my employment, business or work, no witch or wizard will prosper in the place of my employment, business or work, All satanic power can no longer kidnap my spirit IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

I decree and declare great casualty upon witches and wizards operating in my neighbourhood, the judgment of God shall torment the powers of darkness working against me both at night and in the morning, the night shall carry terror and anger against all satanic powers that are standing against me, I command the storm of destruction to gather upon every satanic power that is against my health IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

Right now my prayers have become earthquakes and storms in the camp of the devil that is against my life, the Lord shall gather his armors against powers that are against my intellectual growth, all sickness in my life known or unknown receive heavenly storm, all conspiracy against any part of my body receive destruction now IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

I break out of your spell now satan.

In the name of JESUS I command the deep wells within me to be unblocked and break forth!

The storm of the Lord shall pursue and overtake all powers conspiring for my demotion, From now on all my enemies will start to fight themselves I decree confusion into the camp of my enemies IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

FAVOUR is my name………….the devil has nothing on me! he only has one option, either to be beaten or be beaten he was, he is and he will remain a loser…

I AM NEVER ALONE… EITHER WE ARE CONTROLLED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OR CONTROLLED BY DEMONS… right now I pray against any demon working in my life, by the POWER of the Holy ghost; I break every chain that they have used to connect themselves to me!!

I speak freedom, healing, deliverance and breakthrough In the name of JESUS

Today, I decree and declare that I am a spell breaker, no curses that run over bloodlines can stand the blood of Jesus, all generational curses are being thrown over a cliff. In Jesus mighty and matchless name,


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Psalms 2:3

Bible Rank: 2,151

“Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.” 

Murderers, Rapists And Pedophiles Given Top-Secret Security Clearances by Defense Department


Defense Department

Murderers, rapists and pedophiles are just some of the people who were reportedly given top-secret security clearances by the federal government as it faces a huge bureaucratic backlog. A senior government official said Wednesday that around 100,000 people currently hold interim clearances while carrying out work for companies with Defense Department contracts, as they await more comprehensive background checks.

Related: Is Snowden responsible for leaks culture? Trump’s CIA director thinks so

“This is very, very dangerous,” said Daniel E. Payne, head of the Defense Security Service, which oversees the issuing of temporary clearances on behalf of the Pentagon, McClatchy D.C. reported. “I’ve got murderers who have access to classified information. I have rapists. I have pedophiles. I have people involved in child porn. This is the risk we are taking.”

A temporary clearance requires applicantrs to merely complete a security form, a credit check and an initial FBI background check. In order to be granted a full clearance, much greater research into the applicant is required, including interviews with associates, visits to the applicant’s home and deep dives into family history and overseas travel. The full process can take up to a year, Payne said.

With a current backlog of around 700,000 cases—it grew exponentially in 2015 and 2016—increasing numbers of people are being given temporary clearances for work with the Defense Department in thousands of facilities across the country. Intelligence agencies, which do not grant temporary clearances, are not affected.

The rush to get staff on board is needed in order to keep weapons development programs fully operational.

“If we did not give these individuals interim clearances, the production of these programs would shut down,” Payne said. “It would have a horrific impact,” he said.

Because of that, Payne said, “more than several” but “less than a dozen” people have been handed temporary security clearances who later turned out to be murderers. On one occasion, just last month, a man currently in possession of an interim clearance killed someone at a bar.

“He pulls out a gun and shoots them in the face and kills them,” Payne said.

The processing time for full security clearances has grown significantly since 2013, when National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked large amounts of classified information. The following year, the company that vetted Snowden, United States Investigations Services, lost its government contract over claims it conducted improper background investigations, further exacerbating the strain on the vetting process.

Further flaws in the system were disclosed the following year after the office of Personnel Management was hacked, revealing employees’ confidential information.

“This is a giant, giant problem,” Andrew Hunter, a military procurement expert with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told The Washington Post last month. “I’m told there are billions of dollars being spent for people who are on payrolls but they’re not able to do the work because they’re waiting for a clearance.

Prayer for Victory

Dearest loving Father,

I’m tired of being,

Knocked down again and again.

I’m weary of the attacks,

Upon my life and my soul.

Won’t you defend me Lord?

Rise up and fight for me!

My wounds and my hurt,

Are only part of my story,

But they are not who I am.

I’m done with being a victim.

I’m finished believing Satan’s lies.

Cast him out, oh Lord!

In Jesus name, cast out the enemy now!

The only thing that matters,

Is sweet Jesus,

Holding out his hand.

Lifting me up, enbracing me,

As his restored child.

Let me know,

That your victory begins inside,

With the conquest of my heart.

With Christ as my Savior and King.

To him go all honor,

All glory,

And all thanks,

From the bottom of my heart.

From the dephts of my saved soul.

In the holiest name of all,

Jesus Christ,


  • Electronic weapons are the terror of the 21 st century. The effects of these weapons outrange the effects of nuclear weapons. It is possible to torture and murder with electronic weapons without any evidence. From a distance and through walls one can invisibly cook or burn practically anything. An example is a microwave weapon, compare microwave oven used to cook meat at a distance with invisible radiowaves. 

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GANGSTALKING IS JUST LIKE SLAVERY. In the present day they have secret groups in charge of this treatment being administered to us.


******TO BE FREE******

Freedom is our essential nature,

so my ultimate prayer is that

the world is set free to

experience the truth and the

beauty of our own being.

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Hi Yaya,

 At Google, we know the most helpful thing we can do is protect your private information, giving you one less thing to worry about.

That’s why we make all our products secure by default, and give you the tools you need to stay safe.

We’re sharing just a few of the ways we keep you safe and secure on the products you use every day.

The Spiritual Hooper 



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Hi Yaya,

 At Google, we know the most helpful thing we can do is protect your private information, giving you one less thing to worry about.

That’s why we make all our products secure by default, and give you the tools you need to stay safe.

We’re sharing just a few of the ways we keep you safe and secure on the products you use every day.


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The Daily Target 3/21/22 by EXPRESSIONS 

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